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An open letter to the Denver Patriot Community

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I appreciate you sending me the forwards and other messages. Thanks. Please keep me updated if there are any events, etc, that I can attend or come support.

I do have some things I want to start to dialogue with you about, though.

I feel like I have a lot in common with what your end goals and desires are. We want a safe and secure future. We want an end to a meddling government. We don’t want to have to scrape together pennies just to survive. We want liberty.

However, I think we have far different takes on who the enemy is that we should be fighting. Your literature is filled with comments about Jews and other types of secretive quasi-religious groupings that are trying to control us.

I feel that this analysis misses many key concepts and points about what is really going on here. The world is divided between rich and poor. Those who control property relationships, and those that work to maintain those property relationships. This is something we can see everyday at play in our communities, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, etc.

I would argue that the rich are not made up of any one demographic. They are made up of those that have exploited the rest of us for centuries. You call them Jews. I call them bosses, politicians, and the ruling elite. Most Jews I know are poor and working class. They’ve been hunted down and destroyed for centuries.

If anything, the ruling class created a buffer middle class and managerial class of Jewish people over the last several centuries, so that we, as working people, would fight the Jews, not the real people pulling the strings and controlling our lives.

I understand your want to do something, to confront the people who are merely parasites who ruin the lives of the vast majority of us. However, labeling them Jews or trying to associate them with some mythical cultish organizations does nothing to help this struggle.

First, it marginalizes allies in this struggle. Let’s be real. Jewish folks have historically been a people that struggled against ruling elites. The movements of Jewish workers in this country and others created a base for confrontation with the rich and business owners at the turn of the last century that we can only dream of today. By labeling Jews as the enemy, not only are we adding to the oppressive power of the state structure by helping in the oppression of a people based merely on their ethnicity/religious identity, but we’re also pushing away natural allies in a struggle for a world of liberty and freedom against tyrannical rule. We are harming our own struggle while we also harm other people who are struggling against the same conditions that we are.

Secondly, by pinpointing that cause of our problems on secretive cult-like groups such as the Skulls and Bones, we are creating a mythology that prevents us from strategically understanding the situation we find ourselves in. The Patriot movement’s focus on these types of conspiracy theories only undermines any goals of liberty or freedom it may have. These theories prevent us from having a concrete analysis of our social conditions. We ignore the relationships between those in power and those without power. We ignore the plain realities we see of predatory economic, social, and political models within our own communities. We fictionalize the enemy. If we keep chasing after these cults, then we don’t chase after the power relationships that cause these conditions in the first place.

We chase the Skull and Bones cloak and dagger types. But we don’t chase our own bosses. We chase the NWO but ignore the internal contradictions of global empire. We can never strategically change our social conditions by creating a mythological enemy and trying to fight it.

Lastly, the insistence by the Patriot Movement that immigrants are also an enemy in this struggle will ensure that yet again, our movement is not only marginal and ineffective at creating actual freedom and liberty, but that we are denying that same liberty and freedom to other people engaged in similar struggles as us. If we continue to be the foot soldiers of the state’s form of oppression, especially when it comes to issues on the border, then we must immediately strike the word liberty from our websites, pamphlets, and dvds. We are not fighting for liberty. We are helping destroy it.

I want to work with you and other folks who are genuinely concerned about our futures and who want to build a real movement for freedom and liberty, that is why I opened up this dialogue the way that I have. Let’s work together, because that is what will make us strong. And let’s start fighting the real enemy. The time to take sides is far overdue, and unfortunately, the vast majority of us have chosen the wrong side for our entire lives. I just recently have come to understand how my role in similar Patriot style movements back in Kansas has been a part of strengthening our enemies. I hope more folks will join me in this critical analysis.

In the end, deep down, I cling to the idea that we want similar things, but we’ve been duped into thinking that the current strategy of the Patriot Movement will get us those things, when in reality, it has only kept them even further away from us.

Dave Strano

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“Conspiracies” aren’t the way the world works in real life; however, there are gatherings of people who have common interests and common goals. There are formal conferences such as the G20 and G8 Conferences, and there are less formal, more social occasions such as the annual Bohemian Grove meeting. A friend of mine, drawn to power like a moth to a flame, and related by marriage to a member of the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which puts on the Bohemian Grove meeting, went to one of them a couple of years back, in 2007 or so. He reported back on it, and his report was interesting and confirms what you say. Most of the participants were neither Yalies nor Jews, although Yalies and Jews were represented there, as well as members of Skull and Bones. The “religious ritual” was a bit of frat-boy play-acting, the same sort of thing you’d see at a fraternity initiation or Masonic ritual. Nobody took it seriously, it was a stage play. What people did take seriously were the daily talks and discussions given by the heads of governments and corporations on policy issues. There was a free interchange of ideas and viewpoints on what the direction of policy should be, and neither conservatives nor liberals controlled the event, much like American politics, which is non-ideological but seeks to advance the interests of the people who own the corporations represented at the Grove. Politicians who are regularly in the press in conflict with each other got along with each other quite well at the Grove, to the point of expressing lots of things in common as regards policies and goals, so Barack Obama and John McCain could be seen to be on the same side of lots of issues; their differences were minor. The Grove is as much a “conspiracy” as a country club; the people who meet there have common interests and tend to be people who employ rather than be employed. The groups (like the John Birch Society on the right) and people like Holly Sklar on the left have done a good job of showing the network of interrelation between corporate boards of directors and governments. Their motives are not evil, they are not interested in “evil” or “good”, they’re just interested in making money and lots of it, and the way to do that is to get it out of the hides of their employees. Minimize labor cost, maximize the bottom line, and keep the work force under control so it doesn’t get out of line (which is also a part of minimizing labor cost). It’s amazing how seriously the Left and Right take the Punch and Judy show of national politics and how easily they are diverted by vocal declarations of policy which are never actually acted upon or enacted into law.

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